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UX Strategy & Visual Design

As a UX Architect/Designer, I follow user-centered design (UCD) principles to design web sites, apps and products to achieve better results. As a team lead and individual contributor, I focus UX strategy on creating value, helping teams achieve business goals while satisfying users.

Wireframes, Journeys, Prototypes

I work with clients to create wireframes and prototypes based on user research, personas, task analysis and user journeys. I save developer time by validating designs with clickable prototypes and improve results with iterative improvements.

Design to Acquire, Convert & Retain

I design digital experiences with tactics that foster desired behaviors such as customer acquisition, onboarding, conversion/sales and retention.  Every flow and visual element expresses a consistent strategy, style and branding to build value and hit targets.

Most Relevant Skills

My skills and experience help me build trust with clients, stakeholders and teams. My passion for results-oriented user-centered design (UCD) helps me lead the design of satisfying, profitable products. I enjoy collaborating with executives, designers and developers to create value from digital experiences.


Clients & Awards

My Clients Like My Work

Bill is a pleasure to work with. The quality of his work in UX and persona development for Beanstream & Bambora is top notch. Bill is a hard worker, very quick to deliver meaningful value to projects, and does not shy away from challenging convention in order to create experiences that delight users.

Grant Storry

Grant Storry

Director of Mobile Products, Beanstream Internet Commerce

Bill has had an immediate, dramatic effect on our user experience strategy. Living up to his reputation, Bill came in to revamp significant products that touch 100% of our users. He delivered a simplified and delightful user experience across all of our user personas while balancing the security that is critical to payments and fintech. Bill is an ever positive presence, a pleasure to work with, and absolutely delivers on anything he is tasked with.

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart

Head of Product - North America - Bambora Payments

Bill takes big complex problems & creates innovative, effective, scalable, solutions. He has deep, powerful insights into design and UX.

Bill has the capacity to embrace strategy and brand, and embed them in products. He executes efficiently with a great attitude that allows for intelligent evolution.

Mark How

Mark How

Shopswell Co-founder

A clear communicator, Bill is a trusted member of our user experience team who can handle both the technical and written side of content management. Clients feel well taken care of and he’s been able to navigate through the needs of a variety of perspectives to deliver a solid product.

Gillian Ruemke-Douglas

Gillian Ruemke-Douglas

UX Content Strategist, CSNR

Bill has an exceptional ability to turn a concept into something spectacular – A true software visionary. Bill continues to be at the top of his game, inspiring those around him.

Ryan Fransen

Ryan Fransen

Senior Dev, KIXEYE

Bill authored massively successful apps and later did great work with us for Microsoft and Netscape. His creativity and innovative creative skills are superlative to anyone I’ve come across.

Joel Diamond

Joel Diamond

Assoc of Software Professionals

I enjoyed working with Bill, and would do so again. He’s very good at actual development and team integration. He’s one of the professionals, and it shows in the way he gets the work done.

Aaron Greengrass

Aaron Greengrass

Senior DevOps Engineer, Sys Admin

In all the projects on which we worked together, Bill’s contributions were never anything less than perfect.

Larry McJunkin

Larry McJunkin

Rose City Software

Bill always produces world class products and software. He IS the resource for products and utilities.

John Rafuse

John Rafuse

Mitnick Security

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Increasing product value is my passion

Whether working for government, private enterprise or startups, I bring passion, experience and drive to designing UX to improve results. ——— Improving company success is key for me. As a design leader and contributor, I help teams produce outstanding work of high value.
— Bill Stewart

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