Design Case Studies

My case studies show my work process, problem-solving approach and what I learned. Since case studies are often dry facts, I’ve injected some story-telling while still showing:

I’ll gradually fill in all these stories.


#1 UX lessons from Electronics Class

What I learned about expert systems and decisive action from electronics class.

#2 UX lessons from designing Fourier Analysis

What I learned about coding and harmonics from building a graphical fourier analysis tool.

#3 UX lessons from designing a Robot

What I learned about feedback loops and optimization from building a super-fast robot.

#4 UX lessons from designing a Food Irradiator

What I learned about integrity, intuition and how to not kill people with software.

#5 UX lessons from designing Nuclear Reactor Safety

What I learned about personas and context from designing a life-critical system.

#6 UX lessons from the Magic of Screensavers (part 1)

How listening to users turned a freeware side project into the #1 selling software in the world.

#7 UX lessons from designing After Dark (Screensavers part 2)

How I learned that quality of experience determines the value of product features and functions.

#8 UX lessons from designing a Game

What I learned about gamification and appealing to people’s better natures.

#9 UX lessons from designing an OS Enhancement

What I learned about redesigning legacy systems from enhancing an OS.

#10 UX lessons from designing a Web Browser

How I learned that stakeholders don’t know what users want. Only users do.

#11 UX lessons from inventing Widgets & a Social Sharing System

How I learned the power of storytelling and the danger of doing too much.

#12 UX Lessons from kung fu & dance

How my outside interests taught me amazing lessons about flow design.

#13 UX lessons from designing for Payment Systems

My deep dive into designing every part of the e-commerce, mobile and B2B payments experience.

#14 UX lessons from designing for Healthcare

What I learned about simplicity from designing for the elderly and disabled.

#15 UX lessons from Help Design

Designing in-site and in-app help has helped me use content and context better in design.